How To Rent Economy Cars In Dubai And Drive In Style


Renting a car online may seem to be a very simple process but one should keep in mind certain factors while reserving a rental car. Here is a list of certain factors that should be considered before finalizing a deal, so that it proves to be economic.

Factors to be considered

  • Compare price: Often people have a tendency to stick to a particular website which is reputed and widely used but the first step in finding the best deal would be to check different websites and compare the rates for economy cars for a given location on a specified date. This way you will not miss out on any interesting deal offered by other service providers.
  • Include insurance cost: When you Rent Economy Cars in Dubai, you will also be pursued to buy insurance specially CDW (collision-and-damage waiver) insurance at the very least. This can add up to 25%-40% of the total cost of the rental. In many cases, the personal auto insurance policies and credit card companies include coverage for rental cars or else they provide the option to buy additional insurance. One should note that a basic CDW does not cover damage to personal property or personal injury. You need to know whether your own auto insurance policy or Credit Card Company provides coverage for rental cars. If they do so, you do not need to pay anything to the car rental service provider. And if you neither have personal auto insurance nor the rental insurance, you will be liable to pay for the entire value of the car or repair if an accident occurs.
  • Check for additional fees: Before you decide to Rent Economy Cars in Dubai, you should inquire about any additional fees like underage-driver fees where you need to pay additional charges if the person driving the car is below 25 years of age. Sometimes it includes additional charges for picking up a rental car at the airport, traveling over certain miles per day, and additional charges for more than one person driving the rented car.
  • Documentation of dents and scratches: Make sure to document dents, scratches, and problems if any, so that there is no liability on you when you return the car.  You should also check whether air conditioners, heating, and lighting are in a working condition.
  • Consider other features: You may need to add on some extra features like GPS or car seats for kids. Different car models have different options. You need to consider these factors when you Rent Economy Cars in Dubai but it would be better if you can arrange them yourself rather than renting it.
  • Consider the size: Car rental services have cars of various sizes ranging from compact to SUVs. You need to choose a car depending on the number of persons traveling, the place and the occasion.
2017 Toyota Land Cruiser  4Dr AWD SUV Gear shifter/center console Midnight Black Metallic
2017 Toyota Land Cruiser 4Dr AWD SUV
Gear shifter/center console
Midnight Black Metallic

Be knowledgeable

The process of renting a car may be full of hidden costs and surprising requirements, but if you have knowledge about rules and regulations you can avoid such circumstances and end up with the best deal.

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