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Luxury Rental Cars

Dubai, the streets of a luxurious lifestyle. Then why not experience the luxurious touch of Dubai by riding the extravagant cars in Dubai? And if you are wondering where to get such Luxury Car Rentals from, we have a place in our mind. Prox9.com is apparently the best website to fulfil your dream of travelling luxuriously.  From BMW to Audi, prox9 has a broad range of luxury cars, and you can get them on the daily or weekly basis. They have devoted a whole section for their list of luxury cars and their rates. Let’s have a look.

Prox9 is the best Luxury car rentals in Dubai. You can get lots of choices from their website to fulfill your demands. Whether you want cheap rental cars or luxury rental cars, they have all options open for you. All you have to do is to choose among them, and the car is yours for a day or two or a whole week. And the best part is, if you book weekly, you will get a lower price. Let’s revise the list of luxury cars here.

  • BMW 440– Luxury starts with BMW. The two seated, blue coloured BMW can be yours at 650 AED/ daily or 600 AED/ weekly.
  • Audi A5 and Audi A8– Audi is everyone’s dream car. And you can make anyone envious of you just at the rate of 900 AED/Daily and 800 AED/Weekly.
  • Range Rover– The orange coloured range rover can be yours at a rate of AED 900/daily and AED 800/Weekly.
  • Ferrari – The red coloured hot beast is here! You can enjoy her just at AED 2500/daily and AED 2000/weekly.
  • Lexus 570– The black coloured Lexus is the ultimate beast of the streets. A must ride if you want to experience the extravaganza of Dubai. Daily rate AED 1000 and weekly AED 900.

Apart from these, there are other luxurious cars too viz. Mercedes E300, Nissan GTR, Audi A5, Lexus 670 and much more to explore. So enjoy the beasts on fire with prox9.com and feel the vibe of luxury on the streets of Dubai with your partner by your side. With perfect riding, these luxurious rental cars will give you the immense pleasure of travelling and will make Dubai one of the best cities in the world. Don’t wait, click ‘Book now’ and the car is all yours, at least for a week!


All our cars are deeply cleaned and fumigated after every return in the wake of coronavirus